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Zenpunk: Dreamloading series - 【Melo ’s dream】AR Designer toy






——DreamLoading series——


 "Melo" is a laid-back short-haired cat living in Brooklyn, New York. His day starts with a nap and ends with another, with intermittent short or long breaks in between. Most of the time, you can catch a glimpse of the whimsical dreams "Melo" is having through some of the most popular social media platforms used by humans, offering a unique perspective into his fantastical dreamworld.


DreamLoading 的团队来自纽约和旧金山硅谷。他们认为所有的艺术品和精巧的设计都可以与科技结合,产生更有想象力的交互体验。“Melo”是他们的第一款基于增强现实技术的产品,这也是他们今后一段时间的焦点。


Dreamloading's brand story:

DreamLoading's team comes from Silicon Valley in New York and San Francisco. They believe that all artworks and exquisite designs can be combined with technology to create a more imaginative interactive experience. “Melo” is their first augmented reality based product, which will also be their focus for some time in the future.



Melo’s dream配件:




Melo's dream accessories:

Melo, sofa, popcorn, game console, books, carpet



Brand: Zenpunk Collectibles

Product Name: DreamLoading - Melo's Dream

Product Code: ZDL001MD

Studio: DreamLoading

Materials: Resin, PU, Acrylic

Dimensions: 10cmH × 9cmW × 11.8cmD

Packaging Dimensions: 16.7cmH × 16.5cmW × 16.5cmD

Product Weight: 0.6kg (including packaging)

Official Price: 399 CNY

Estimated Shipping Time: In stock


※ To prevent damage during shipping, please unpack and inspect the product for any damages immediately upon receipt. Additionally, capture an unboxing video as evidence for potential after-sales support.


零售价格:399 元 人民币

Retail price:55 USD




- Prototype samples shown.

- Product details could be subjected to change without further notice.



1. 把”Melo”放在平整的桌子上,先把地毯放在沙发底下,给他家一般的感觉。

2. 打开APP扫描地毯背部的二维码。

3. 扫描成功后会直接进入app的取景器,在取景器中可以看到我们的Logo。

4. 将相机对准”Melo”,确保他的整体包括沙发,地毯都在取景器中。

5. 如果”Melo”还没有睡着,请稍安勿躁,等下再来观察。没人知道他什么时候睡觉。

6. 如果”Melo”进入了梦乡,就可以通过取景器,看到他正在做的美梦,各种各样的场景会浮现在它的头顶上。

7. 重复2-6步,可以观察到“Melo”各种光怪陆离的美梦,别忘了录屏分享给朋友。



How to interact with "Melo":

1. Place "Melo'' on a flat table. First place the carpet under the sofa to give him a home-like feeling.

2. Open the app to scan the QR code on the back of the carpet.

After successful scanning, it will directly enter the viewfinder of the app, where you can see our logo.

4. Align the camera with "Melo" and ensure that his entire body, including the sofa and carpet, is in the viewfinder.

5. If "Melo" is not asleep yet, please stay calm and observe later. No one knows when he goes to bed.

If "Melo" falls asleep, he can see the beautiful dream he is dreaming through the viewfinder, and various scenes will appear above his head.

7. Repeat steps 2-6 to observe various bizarre dreams of "Melo". Don't forget to record and share them with friends.

8. DreamLoading will continuously update Melo's dreams, and Melo's owner does not need to worry that Melo's dreams will dry up.




设计: Heath Ma (纽约) 从业10年外表娟秀内心奔放

人机交互: CY Yan, CY Lin (旧金山) 写代码如饮水

出品人: BW Nie (旧金山) 闷骚的工科文艺男


DreamLoading creators:


Design: Heath MA (New York)10 years in the business appearance beautiful heart unrestrained

Man-machine interaction: Cy Yan, Cy Lin (San Francisco) writes code like drinking water

Produced: Bw Nie (San Francisco) Artist wannabe who’s engineering trained






Questions and answers

(Q:Zenpunk A:DreamLoading)







Today, we have the privilege of interviewing this team from New York and Silicon Valley, engaging in a conversation about their story.

Questions and Answers
(Q: Zenpunk A: DreamLoading)

Q: How did your team come together?

A:We are childhood friends, college buddies, and former colleagues at Facebook. We share common ideas and goals. During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, we found ourselves with a lot of time on our hands. So, we seized the opportunity to discuss the opportunities and ideas we saw.

Several of us span the East and West coasts of the United States, with three different time zones, diverse backgrounds, and varied experiences. It wasn't easy for us to come together as a team. It was our shared passion for what we wanted to create that brought us together, motivating us to earnestly develop products to realize our ideas.



Q:你们是如何想到Melo‘s dream这个创意?






Q: How did you come up with the idea for Melo's Dream?


A: We have always believed that combining cutting-edge technology with top-notch design can spark entirely new concepts. In the U.S. market, we observed a saturation of mass-market design items, such as toys and figurines. Although these products are budget-friendly, they lack vitality, and consumer willingness to purchase is weak. On the other hand, more tastefully designed products tend to be highly priced, making them less accessible to the general public and resulting in low demand.

Our team in Silicon Valley and the designers in New York engage in weekly brainstorming sessions to explore what product forms can leverage our strengths while creating unique items that only we can produce. Therefore, we decided to innovate in both design and technology. We introduced a series of design products based on Augmented Reality (AR), creating new ways of interacting with aesthetically pleasing products through software to attract consumer interest and purchases.


Q:你们如何定义Melo‘s dream?它有什么与众不同的地方?


A:我们相信Melo’s dream本身就是一件大家会喜欢把玩的、极具个性的手玩、摆件,玩家会给予Melo’s dream全新的定义。

通过AR,我们可以实时更新Melo’s dream新的内容和互动方式,让用户每次拿起手机,都能看到不一样的Melo,让Melo成为一种用户书桌台上的一个常驻的好友。


当然,我们团队还有一些后续的计划,Melo’s dream这一款产品也会在后续的产品中得到更多的内容和交互。


Q: How do you define Melo's Dream, and what sets it apart?


A: We see Melo's Dream as a highly likable, uniquely personalized collectible and figurine that users will enjoy interacting with. Players will give Melo's Dream its own new definition.

Through AR, we can continuously update Melo's Dream with new content and interactive features, ensuring that every time a user picks up their phone, they see a different side of Melo. This makes Melo a constant and engaging companion on the user's desk.

Simultaneously, we integrate Melo with social applications, allowing users to easily capture Melo's whimsical dreams and effortlessly share them with friends.

Of course, our team has additional plans in the pipeline, and Melo's Dream will receive more content and interactions in future products.





A: Melo’s dream 不像一般的手玩和摆件。我们的产品由于有软件和内容的加持,当消费者把Melo放在书桌上时,我们的产品交互才刚刚开始。从某种意义上说,每次拿起手机都会有新的惊喜,我们团队也会持续在Melo’s dream这款产品上面做开发。



Q: Are there any surprises in store for this series?


A: Melo's Dream is not like typical collectibles or figurines. Our product, with the support of software and content, only begins its interaction when consumers place Melo on their desks. In a sense, every time they pick up their phones, there's a new surprise. Our team will continue developing Melo's Dream, ensuring that the interaction with this product evolves.

There are many more surprises in store for this series. We will continue to explore new interactive methods and product content in the realm of Augmented Reality (AR).


Q:感谢你们团队的真诚分享,我相信大家会感受到Melo’s dream的乐趣。




Q: Thank you for your team's sincere sharing. I believe customers will feel the joy of Melo's Dream.


A: You're welcome. We hope everyone will enjoy our product.




We are looking forward to the DreamLoading team bringing more surprises in the future.


——Zenpunk Collectibles——

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