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Collectible Doll/模特儿娃娃系列 奥利维亚·蔡斯 背心睡衣 16寸(406mm)高 可动人偶


Though reluctant to take the stage herself, Olivia Chase is a natural fit for the modeling lifestyle. When she is offered the chance to embody the digital persona Moiré, Olivia quickly becomes a surprise showstopper in the world of haute couture. An avatar of beauty and innovation, Moiré is a social chameleon, able to find the right look for any and every situation, no matter the invitation. She's proven to be quite the hit and now Ms. Chase is in the studio, ready for her next photoshoot. All that’s left is for you to decide — what’s the occasion?

Atomic Misfit and industry legend Robert Tonner present the Model Behavior Fashion Doll, a 16” limited edition collectible base doll who serves as the perfect canvas for your exquisite fashion ambitions as you step into the role of her stylist for the next big collection debut. Designed for maximum customization and display, this highly articulated figure features a unique and alluring portrait and outfit as envisioned by Tonner himself.

The Model Behavior Fashion Doll comes dressed in a demure hand-tailored peach camisole, a pair of matching shorts trimmed with white lace, and a set of neutral high-heeled shoes. Stepping out in style requires careful coordination from head to toe, so Olivia Chase includes three different wigs allowing you to freshen up her look with brunette, auburn, and strawberry blonde waves that cascade gently across her shoulders. Ready to meet every event with cutting-edge styles, she’s sure to turn heads with the assistance of your own visionary taste in clothing.

Pair the Model Behavior Fashion Doll with the Atomic Misfit and Robert Tonner Fashion Doll Outfit collection, including three hand-tailored original  Tonner ensembles — Romantic Notion, Star Gazing, and Mixed Media — each sold separately. Inspired by fantasy fashion, Hollywood couture, and the latest streetwear trends, this envy-worthy series will make a truly unforgettable luxury wardrobe.

Take a look in the mirror and decide who you want to be today! Express your exceptional style sensibilities and let the Model Behavior Fashion Doll by Atomic Misfit and Robert Tonner be your muse.


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