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新品价格USD $250

“They had their shot… Now it’s my turn.”

Sideshow presents the Wolverine Bust, clawing his way into your Marvel collectibles.

The Wolverine Bust measures 9” tall as the legendary Canadian mutant flexes his claws in preparation for a fighting frenzy. Logan is hunched forward, torso resting on a simple stone-like pillar base marked with gouges from an Adamantium-infused attack.

The polyresin Wolverine Bust features a fully-sculpted blue and yellow costume detailed with varying fabric-like textures. His snarling portrait is highly expressive, with intricately sculpted teeth, a strong jawline, and vicious eyes behind his black-finned cowl. His muscular arms include bulging veins and painted hair detail, letting you know that he means business, bub.

He’s the bust there is at what he does- Bring home the Wolverine Bust for your X-Men collection today!

Pre-orders for the Wolverine Bust will begin on Thursday, August 22nd between 12pm-3pm PDT and the collectible will be priced at $250.00 USD.

Artist Credits:

Design: Walter O’Neal, Ian MacDonald, Richard Luong
Sculpt: Daniel Bel
Mold and Cast: Rob DeMaio, Brenton Henriques
Paint: Steve West, Casey Love, Bernardo Esquivel
The Sideshow Design and Development Team




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