Funko 新品 漫画 达尔娜POP!系列 达尔娜 3.75寸(95mm)高 Q版公仔


发布于:2019-08-06 09:51

漫画 达尔娜POP!系列 达尔娜 3.75寸(95mm)高 Q版公仔

Product Description
Darna has captured the hearts of Filipinos for decades through her many appearances in comic books, television and film. She is one of the well-loved characters in the Ravelo Komiks Universe, which highlights superheroes created by local comics legend Mars Ravelo. Darna has been a pop culture icon for close to 70 years after the character first appeared in Pilipino Komiks in May 1950. Darna Funko Pop kicks off the countdown to this milestone year in 2020. She will be the first Filipino superhero to have this most sought-after pop culture collectible. Pop! figures bring your favorite super heroes to life with a unique stylized design. Each vinyl figure stands 3.75 inches tall and comes in window box packaging, making them great for display!




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